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Publisher’s catalogue description

Debunks all the major myths of the bible

101 Myths of the Bible
How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History

• Surprising true stories about the creation, the Ten Commandments, and David and Goliath

• The Role of Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Greek myths in the Old Testament

• By the president of the New York Biblical Archaeology Society

101 Myths of the Bible provides a fascinating and provocative look at how ancient Hebrew scribes invented much of biblical history, using a combination of Egyptian, Near Eastern and Greek myths, recycled local legends, and false propaganda circulated by rival religious and political factions within Israelite society. A scholarly yet entertaining writer, Gary Greenberg cuts through the academic jargon and theological distortions to reveal the mythological roots and literary antecedents behind many of the most famous stories in the Old Testament.

This is biblical history with surprising twists and shocking disclosures. Both the casual reader and the biblical scholar will find much to enjoy in this intriguing new work that will change many traditional conceptions about biblical origins.

Based on extensive research into archaeological history, Egyptian, Near Eastern and Greek literature, and biblical scholarship, 101 Myths of the Bible shows:

• Creation lasted eight days, not seven.

• Adam and Eve were not the first humans in the bible.

• Noah and his three sons were Egyptian deities.

• The Twelve Tribes of Israel never existed.

• Joseph did not have a coat of many colors.

• Moses did not give Israel the Ten Commandments.

We also learn that Joshua did not bring down the walls of Jericho with trumpet blasts, that Esther was not a Jewish queen of Persia, that David did not slay Goliath, and much more.

Gary Greenberg, a senior trial attorney with the Legal Aid Society, is the president of the New York Biblical Archaeology Society, and the author of The Bible Myth (Citadel Press). He lives in New York.

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