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The Moses Mystery: The African Origins of the Jewish People by Gary Greenberg

Moses Mystery Reader Comments

I have just read your excellent book, The Moses Mystery. . . . Your analysis of the parallels between Egyptian and biblical myths is most intriguing. —M.E.E.

Your book is one of the rare ones that is seldom appreciated. I lost it once, had it stolen once, and re-bought it again. . . .It’s the nearest book that correctly gives reign lengths in my opinion. I have anxiously awaited the follow-up for some time. —J.R.D.

I am amazed at how you managed to figure out that there is a connection of the Genesis chronology to the Egyptian chronology. . . .And your breakdown of Genesis 15:13 with Exodus 13:40 was also impressive. And the match of the patriarch with the Egyptian myths was inspiring. —T.G.

Your theories are fascinating. I have long been bothered by how detailed the Abraham Exodus, and Joshua stories are, much too detailed to have survived in oral transmission for a thousand years or carried on parchments by nomads from camp to camp. Your theories make much more sense. —R.C.B.

Your book just arrived. It is breathtakingly interesting. —J.A.

The Moses Mystery is certainly a great piece of work. I can’t imagine how much time and research must have gone into the production of it. —R.P.

I congratulate you on your groundbreaking book on the Exodus. —S.L.

I am intrigued by the thesis and premises of your new book. —M.P.

I have read your book, The Moses Mystery, with great interest. —P.B.M.

I’ve read your book, The Moses Mystery, and am very interested in the subject. —R.G.

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