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The Moses Mystery: The African Origins of the Jewish People by Gary Greenberg

The Moses Mystery Table of Contents

1. The Problem of Israel’s Origins
2. The Genesis Birth-and-Death Chronology
3. The Throne of Horus
4. Enoch and Sothis: A Solar Clue
5. Eber and Thebes
6. Methuselah and Memphis
7. Joseph and the Eighteenth Dynasty
8. Dating the Exodus
9. Egypt Under Akhenaten
10. Exodus: The Egyptian Version
11. Who Were the Genesis Patriarchs?
12. The Horus Cycle: Jacob and Esau
13. Isaac and the Death of Osiris
14. The Twelve Tribes Myth and the Canaanite Conquest
15. Rewriting the History of Ancient Israel’s Origins

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