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09/14/03 BASONOVA, The Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia, will have me speak on "The Sins of King David." Fax 703-370-9637 for details. Copies of the book should be available for me to autograph.


01/24/03 KTKT-AM 6 PM (MT), Bert Lee, Tucson AZ
01/11/03 Manhattan Libertarian Party Convention
-Topic: The First Freedom Fighters: Ancient Israel vs. the Tyrants of Judah
12/27/02 KBUL-AM 8 AM (MT), Tommy B, Billings MT.
12/23/02 WAPF-AM   9 AM (CT), Carl Lazenby, McComb, MS.
12/12/02 WTRU-AM, 4:15 PM,(EST) Stuart Epperson Show, (syndicated.)
12/10/02 Biblical Archaeology Society of New York -
09/07/01 Tony Brown's Journal on PBS Television
08/29/01 KTKT-AM Burt Lee "Talk of the Town" (Tuscon, AZ)
04/07/01 WGPA-AM Francine Nianco Tax (Bethlehem, PA)
03/28/01 KFLO-AM David MacMillian and Roxie Cairere (Shreveport, LA)
03/27/01 WLIB-AM/WBLS-FM Jeff Guardier (New York, NY)
03/21/01 Florence Morning News (Florence, SC)
03/06/01 KLIZ-AM Sam Morris (Brainerd, MN)
02/23/01 KVOR-AM (Colorado Springs, CO)
02/22/01 WHUR-FM Tim Gordon (Washington, DC)
02/21/01 WHUR-FM Doug and Lorna (Washington, DC)
02/21/01 KJSL-AM Tim and Al (St. Louis, MO)
02/20/01 CFBC-AM Terry Wallace (New Brunswick, Canada)
02/16/01 Karen Grant (Monterey, CA)
01/29/01 KBRT-AM Rich Agozino (Los Angeles, CA)
01/25/01 WSB-AM (Atlanta, GA)
01/22/01 WXPT FM Carmen and Chris (Edina, MN)
01/19/01 WOLB-AM Larry Young (Baltimore, MD)
01/09/01 Rotary Club of New York
12/20/00 Tom Maxedon, WKBV (Richmond, IN)
12/19/00 Ben Parker Show, WRKO-AM (Boston, MA)
12/18/00 Ron Irwin Show, KFQD-AM (Anchorage, AK)
12/18/00 Dennis and Theresa Show, KSRZ-FM (Omaha, NE)
12/13/00 Keith Rush, WASO (Metairie, LA)
12/13/00 Steve Downs, WLUP-FM (Chicago, IL)
12/13/00 The Clemens Report
12/4/00 Dan Skinner Show WBAA-AM (NPR Affilliate) (Purdue, IN)
12/4/00 Grace Blazer Show, WPHT-AM (Philadelphia, PA)
12/4/00 Lionel and Laurie Kramer Show
12/4/00 Brad and Buster KCKI-FM (Tulsas, OK)
12/4/00 Scotch and Dewey KQWB (Fargo, ND)
9/17/00 Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia


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