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The American Wasteland Credits Page

The American Wasteland has been written, edited, and designed by your graphically challenged and HTML-illiterate editor. Nevertheless, he has on occasion relied on the kindness of strangers and obtained some graphic images from other Web sites. He only hopes that he has not used those graphics in such a way as to undermine the high quality of the original images.

The two raven images, one animated and one still, were designed by Lisa Konrad of the Animation Arthouse. Contact Ms. Konrad or the Animation Arthouse for permission to use their graphics or to check out a large collection of other graphics available free of charge to Web designers.

I obtained the King Vulture image from Zena's Clip Art Collection. This site has a large collection of quality graphics available free of charge to Web designers.

The Gadsden Flag ("Don't tread on me") is from the Liberty Image Gallery, which has a nice selection of royalty-free Libertarian-oriented clip art.

The American Wasteland is, written, edited, designed, and copyrighted by Gary Greenberg. See Reprint Policy for permission to reprint stories from this site. Vulture Watch, Rave On, and Max Splatter: Critic-at Large are trademarks of Gary Greenberg.

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