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King David Versus Israel
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I just received your book from Amazon and I can say you have really designed a classic. I say classic as the work is a treasure and handled as such with the uncrowded text, the bite-sized myths, its consistent style of order and presentation, its clarity and accessibility. M.W.

This is an excellent work!  You have really raised some very interesting points- H.A.

I have just finished 101 Myths and enjoyed it thoroughly. - W.M.

I am fascinated by your book 101 Myths of the Bible B.M.

What a great piece of work you have done in both of your books. S.M.

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book 101 Myths of the Bible. You'veclearly revealed the uber-text behind the recorded text. I appreciate how you've shed light on the origins of this document by means of the scientific method of cross-analyzing literary, archaeological, linguistic, and other evidence. Brilliant work. J.K.

I found the presentation very interesting and helpful.  T.Y.

Enjoyed it very much.. Plenty of research. J.R.

The book is even better than I thought it would be.. M.K.

Simply love your book 101 Myths of the Bible. Y.J.

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