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Mr. Greenberg seems to delight in a game of scholarly ‘gotcha’. - N.Y. Times

Insightful and valuable. —KMT Magazine
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A must read for those interested in biblical scholarship. —The Tennessee Tribune

An ingenious comparison of Biblical and Egyptian history. — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Guaranteed to raise hackles and lively debate . . . Sure to provoke challenge. —Denver Post

This is an intriguing and controversial book, bound to add fuel to the still smoldering debate between Afrocentrists and classicists over Africa’s role in the evolution of Western culture and civilization. —MultiCultural Review

It’s a “hot’ subject and Greenberg’s publisher hopes this work will appeal to students of (and opponents to) Afrocentrism. — Booklist

Greenberg claims that the Genesis stories of the patriarchs are modified Egyptian myths altered by Moses, a member of the Egyptian royal line who was forced to flee the land after losing a power struggle with Ramesses I. —The New York Jewish Week

Bold! Courageous! Potentially a paradigm shift in biblical scholarship. —Professor Edgar A. Gregersen, Professor of Anthropology, Queens College and Graduate Center, City University of New York

Greenberg offers some engaging new insights into the age-old problem of the Moses story. This volume should be of interest to all those curious about the intimate links between ancient Egypt and Israel. —Robert R. Stieglitz, Associate Professor, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Rutgers University

Even if one doesn’t accept Greenberg’s historical reconstruction, he unquestionably succeeds in bringing to one’s attention the largely neglected resonance of ancient Egyptian mythic archetypes in biblical narrative. —Prof. Murray H. Lichtenstein, Dept. of Classical and Oriental Studies, Hunter College, CUNY

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