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Greenberg pictureGary Greenberg is the author of several books, including The Moses Mystery: The African Origins of the Jewish People (Birch Lane 1996) and 101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History (Sourcebooks 2000). He is a New York City criminal defense attorney and also serves as President of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York (BASNY). He helped found the Libertarian Party of New York and in 1978 ran for Governor on the Libertarian ticket. His first novel, War of the Werewolf (Xlibris 2000) was released in July of 2000. For more information on his background click here.


Barbara Branden Praises War of the Werewolf

NY Press Interviews Greenberg and Reviews 101 Myths of the Bible
For additional information about 101 Myths of the Bible, including the NY Press interview, excerpts from the book, a Table of Contents, and reviews, go to my Ancient Near Eastern Myth and History site or go straight to its Book Review page

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