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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pereset Press publish authors other than Gary Greenberg?
Although we are open to other authors, and will look at brief email inquiries, the odds against acceptance are quite high. Do not send manuscripts as they will not be read.

Is there any difference between the Pereset Press edition of The Moses Mystery and earlier editions of that book?
The Moses Mystery, originally published in hardcover by Birch Lane Press, contained a few editorial mistakes that the publisher failed to correct before printing, despite the author's request. The paperback edition, published by Citadel Press under the title The Bible Myth, and reissued by Kensington Books at a later date, fixed the errors that were contained in The Moses Mystery. The Pereset Press edition contains the original version of The Moses Mystery but includes an "errata" page setting forth the corrections to the text. All earlier editions of The Moses Mystery and The Bible Myth are now out of print and the
Pereset Press edition is the only one currently available.

Is there any difference between King David Versus Israel and The Sins of King David?
King David Versus Israel is a re-edited version of The Sins of King David. A few arguments have been updated, there are numerous additional citations to biblical references, and a number of typos have been corrected.

Is there any difference between Pereset Press' Werewolf of Wall Street and the earlier book by Gary Greenberg and Jerome Tuccille entitled War of the Werewolf?
Both books are, for all practical purposes, the same. There are a couple of minor changes in the new edition that have no effect on the unfolding of this very exciting story.

Has Who Wrote the Gospels? been previously published?
No. This is an original publication by Pereset Press

How can we contact Gary Greenberg?
Write to him through Pereset Press at and we will forward the communication to him.

How can we learn more about Gary Greenberg's other books and writings?
He maintains a web site at

How can we contact Jerome Tuccille?
Write to him through Pereset Press at and we will forward the communication to him.