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The Editor's recommendations.

Laissez Faire Books
If you're looking for intellectual ammunition in the fight against tyranny or for allies in the struggle, this should be your first stop. It may have the world's largest inventory of books dedicated to individual liberty and free market economics, and it features a huge number of links to freedom-oriented institutions and individuals.

Institute for Justice
IJ is a legal foundation that fights against government regulation and destruction of the free market. A recent victory challenged the government's authority to regulate and license Internet content providers. It has also challenged burdensome, irrational, and useless state licensing laws that prevent minorities from starting up small businesses such as hair-braiding, jitney services, or funeral casket sales. Very worthy of support.

The Cato Institute
This leading libertarian think-tank provides a growing libertarian influence on Washington policy debates. It has, for instance, spearheaded the increasingly popular movement to replace Social Insecurity with private investment plans that can grow and earn real interest. It is also one of the very few free market policy organizations that has the courage to routinely and regularly point how Republicans routinely and regularly oppose the free market and betray individual liberty.

The Reason Foundation/Reason Magazine
Reason Magazine is one of the most influential libertarian political journals and the Reason Foundation has had significant success in selling free market solutions to local governments seeking an alternative to bureaucratic waste.

Drug Policy Foundation
Let's face it. The War on Drugs is not only a colossal failure, it's an incredibly expensive destructive social force that probably kills far more people than it could ever hope to save, and that destroys the social fabric of hundreds of thousands of families. And don't forget the massive violations of our fundamental Constitutional rights and police corruption that it generates. The Drug Policy Foundation is one of the few sane voices that has managed to focus attention on this wretched government program.

Libertarian Party
If political action is your thing but you can't remain in the same room as the Democrats or Republicans without getting nauseous, check out the Libertarian Party. It is America's most successful independent political party; it is dedicated to individual liberty; and it has elected numerous people to public office on the local level.

Miss Liberty's Film and TV Update
If you would like to receive a free weekly e-mail alerting you to upcoming film and TV events of interest to Libertarians, go to this site and sign up.

John Stossel
The heroic reporter for ABC, who has managed to air several documentaries that challenge statist shibboleths, now has a web site that allows you to suggest issues for him to take up. It has lots of useful information related to his work.

Linda Tripp Defense Fund
Ms. Tripp was a civil servant who was being pressured by the President of the United States to commit perjury in a civil trial, and threatened with career retaliation if she didn't cooperate. Unwilling to lie under oath, she tape-recorded conversations between herself and the President's messenger, Monica Lewinsky. Whether or not her actions were legal, they were morally justified, and in a truly free society her actions would have been lawful. Her tapes proved to almost all Americans what a corrupt, dishonest, and repulsive creature the President was. Yet,the liberal media unmercifully trashed her for showing the truth about their chosen President, and the Democrats sought revenge. The Democratic Party of Maryland managed to organize a full scale prosecutorial hit squad with massive state funding in order to persecute and destroy Miss Tripp. This is pure government evil. Ms. Tripp has paid more than enough dues in public humiliation and personal fear for her physical saftey. She stood up almost alone to abusive and crazed government officials. Don't let them win by default. I don't have a URL for this organization, but I would urge you to send donations to:
Linda R. Tripp Defense Fund
P.O. Box 5041
Hagerstown, MD 21741-5041

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