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BOOK REVIEW:   Today's Librarian

In an examination of 101 Old Testament Tales, Greenberg gives readers what  he alleges is “the story behind the story.” “Myths of the Beginning” takes a look at stories with at least two contradictory accounts in the Bible, investigating how these different views came into existence. “Myths of the Founders” show similarities between some Biblical stories and older myths and legends. And “Myths of the Heroes” explains how certain events could be considered fictitious when contrasted with archaeological data. The academic rather than religious tone of the book is exemplified in its matter-of-fact style and layout. Each story has a “myth” section that describes the Bible’s account, and a “reality” section directly below. The topic may be controversial, but the content is fascinating and thought provoking. Did God rest on the seventh day or did he create humanity on that day? Were there at least two versions of the Ten Commandments? Greenberg responds to questions such as these with extensive research referring to historical accounts, archaeological facts, time-lines and maps. This riveting and intelligent study has relevance to a wide audience of  Bible scholars.
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