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Today's Librarian
Library Journal
NY Press (includes an interview)
Florence SC News (Includes brief interview)
Star Press
Spokesman Review
Aniston Star

Excerpts from various reviews

New York Press Book Review and Interview.
"The lesson, basically, is to understand the book as a product of its times, attempting to explain what everybody understood to be history from a particular point of view," Greenberg says. "Itís not a divinely inspired book. There are too many contradictions. But itís a book that contains a lot of information about where we come from, when you read it properly." - Read the full interview.

The topic may be controversial but the content is fascinating and thought provoking. . . . This riveting and intelligent study has relevance to a wide audience of biblical scholars. Today's Librarian.
Read the full review

Recommended for larger religious collections. - Library Journal.
 Read the full review.

Rated ďMust Read.Ē - Today's Books.

Itís a riveting read thatís definitely not for the biblically faint of heart.  (Includes brief interview.) - Florence, SC News. Read the full review.

This book will probably either strengthen your faith or cast it into doubt. Just remember, thereís a reason its called faith. At any rate, it will make for lively dinner table discussions. - Spokesman Review. Read the full review.

He said books like101 Myths strike at the heart of Christians who take the Bible as a literal, inspired word from God.  (Religious leader quoted in the book review.) - Star Press.  Read the full review.

In this controversial new book, author Gary Greenberg offers insight into the meaning, origin and accuracy of stories from the Old Testament. - Jewish Transcript.

Greenberg has obviously used considerable research to find myths and legends that could parallel biblical episodes . . . some of his comparisons create interesting reading. - The Aniston Star.

Explores how the myths and legends of neighboring cultures are built into the foundations of the modern monotheistic religions. He describes a long and continuous relationship between ancient Israel and Egypt. - Book News.

This eye-opening book will startle some and inflame others, but should interest anyone who dares to read and evaluate its contents. . . .In conclusion, this book is stimulating to say the least. If nothing more, it will arouse one's interest in how the Bible and similar books were actually written. The book is well laid out and easy to read. Highly recommended. - The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research                                                                     

Greenberg examines Old Testament stories, reveals their contradictions and impossibilities, demonstrates how the Bible may not be -- in fact, almost certainly cannot be -- a literal record of history. It is, he argues, a document shaped by its creators, based in myth and folklore, and many of its most familiar events may not have happened. Noah's Ark, for example, probably didn't land on Mount Ararat; Sodom and Gomorrah did not actually exist; and it was King David's bodyguard, not David himself, who slew the giant Goliath. An illuminating reappraisal of the Bible. Ė David Pitt,

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