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The Werewolf of Wall Street
a political thriller from
Gary Greenberg and Jerome Tuccille
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Werewolf Front CoverA political satire expressed in the form of a horror story
 . . . Some of their ideas rally are clever. Their secretive master villian's ultimate secret really is ingeniously chosen. - Prometheus, Newsletter of the Libertarian Futurist Society

I was up most of the night reading The Werewolf of Wall Street.
Gary Greenberg and Jerome Tuccille are marvelous storytellers. I had to know how the book would end, and, somehow I utterly suspended disbelief. -
Barbara Branden, author of "The Passion of Ayn Rand".

Right-wing werewolf plans military coup
Left-wing alter-ego launches camapign of urban terror
Vampire leader declares neutrality
America's future at stake
Militant extremists from opposite ends of the political spectrum have radical plans to change America, and they are not above taking innocent life to achieve their goals. But, each faction stands in the way of the other and each plans to eliminate the opposition. Mischievous fate, however, has dealt both factions a wild card and one of the leaders may have to commit suicide to stop an even greater evil from arising. The decision must be made before the coming eclipse of the Harvest Moon, unless Ludwig Von Dracula, claiming descent from his infamous namesake, can find a solution to stop the bloodshed. The action builds towards a twisting set of plot turns and shifting fortunes as various actors review their moral options and ethical obligations.

A rollicking thriller that combines the traditional werewolf/vampire horror story with the political suspense novel, War of the Werewolf challenges the reader to rethink many cherished principles about right and wrong, good and evil. On the surface, it tells of the conflict between two violent radicals from opposite ends of the political spectrum. As the reader digs deeper, the story turns on decisions about making ethical choices involving life and death. How far will you go to stop a great evil from occurring? Would you willingly take innocent life to promote a socially just revolution? Would you sacrifice your own life for the greater good? Or, would you step aside and let matters take their natural course while you watch from a safe and distant vantage point?

These are choices confronting several characters in the story. A fundamental question facing the reader is whom to root for and whom to despise. Who are the heroes and who are the villains? Where you stand on the political spectrum may effect your initial decisions, but as the story reveals more of the characters' actions and motives, you may find your allegiances fading or shifting.

Main Characters
Alex Mallum: a left-wing radical, who believes that a right-wing media conspiracy distracts viewers from serious discussion of widespread social injustice. He had been married to Danielle Dante, the beautiful feminist writer. When she divorced him under humiliating circumstances, his life fell apart. On the run from the law and from a vicious California mobster, he stopped overnight at the Pentagram Pub, where sick with fever he believed he was attacked by a raging she-beast. Ever since that night he has suffered frequent blackouts and strange dreams about stalking wolves. Subsequently he went underground in New York where he fell in with CRUSH, a hapless band of wannabe urban terrorists seeking publicity through violence. When he learns that Danielle plans to marry Luke Fenris, the multimillionaire who symbolizes everything Mallum hates about America, he knows what CRUSH’s next mission will be. Then he learns what Fenris is really up to.

Luke Fenris: a reclusive right-wing multi-millionaire who hates the Welfare State. Despite intensive journalistic investigation, his past remains a deep mystery. Although few know much about him, he has captured the public imagination as a can-do leader who many want to see run for President. He believes a left-wing media conspiracy wants to destroy individual freedom and turn America into a socialist state. Despite disappearing for weeks at a time, only to reappear for just a couple of days each month, he has brought together several influential co-conspirators to change the way America works. And that’s only the first stage of his plan.

Ludwig Von Dracula: head of the Vampire Liberation Front and award-winning advertising copywriter, who has befriended Mallum. Dracula claims to be a descendant of his infamous namesake and tells Mallum the dangerous secret behind that strange night at the Pentagram Pub. He also tells Mallum that there is only one way to stop Fenris, but Mallum doesn’t like what he hears. Is Ludwig just another trendy East Village party boy or did he really fly in through Alex's window?

Danielle Dante: a leading feminist writer, rebellious daughter of weapons manufacturer Peter Dante, and ex-wife of Alex Mallum. She has recently become engaged to Luke Fenris.

Sally Milano: a member of CRUSH, who recognizes and falls for Alex Mallum, induces him to help out her band of revolutionaries, and is jealous of his continued pining for Danielle. Her knowledge of Mallum’s identity gives her life-and-death power over him.

Dolph Hauptmann: a California mobster also known as "the German.” Mallum cheated him out of $160,000 and caused him great public embarrassment. He has a special installment plan for payback, body part by body part.

Peter Dante: a wealthy weapons manufacturer and co-conspirator with Luke Fenris. He sees the impending marriage between his daughter Danielle and Fenris as a means to protect himself against his ruthless ally.

Carl Navi: a wealthy Lebanese playboy who throws all the best A-list parties. He serves as Fenris's chief financial backer and public spokesman.

General Revilo Thorn: a wily military strategist who heads the “Ghost Commandos,” a top-secret elite government force. He sees Fenris as the man to save America.

Nicky Santangelo: a Viet Nam vet who belongs to CRUSH. He has joined up with Ludwig Von Dracula to . . . well, he's not exactly sure why, but its got something to do with shooting a silver bullet at someone. Dracula didn’t specify whom.
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