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Reprint policy

Articles and features from The American Wasteland may be reprinted at no charge on Web sites that are not commercially-oriented, provided that for each article so reprinted full credit and a link to The American Wasteland is provided at the beginning or end of each article reprinted. No more than two complete articles may be reprinted at any time.

Persons seeking to publish articles from The American Wasteland in any commercial venture should contact the editor to negotiate terms.

Anyone may use brief quotes from articles consistent with the fair use doctrine provided full credit is given to The American Wasteland. Web sites most also include a link to this Web site. Print and other formats must include the URL for this site.

No graphics may be copied from this site without permission from the editor. Our Credits page provides links to some of our graphic sources and you should check those sources for permission.

The American Wasteland is, written, edited, designed, and copyrighted by Gary Greenberg. See Reprint Policy for permission to reprint stories from this site. Vulture Watch, Rave On, and Max Splatter: Critic-at Large are trademarks of Gary Greenberg.

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