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Run under the auspices of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, this site provides a massive number of links to electronic sources for the study of the ancient Near East. An essential stop for those interested in further study.

ABZU Links to Archaeological Journals

A superb collection of links to a huge number of links to academic resources on the ancient Near East, including discussion lists, journals, language studies, archaeology, museums, atlases, and much more.

Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet. Enables you to target your internet search to peer-reviewed academic sites that focus on ancient and medieval studies. Eliminates the vast amount of irrelevant junk that turns up on a typical Net search engine.

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
ASOR is one of the leading academic institutions studying the Near East. This site has info on their various books, journals, and other publications.

Ancient Near East Net
This site tries to maintain a portal to all matters related to the ancient near east.

The Amarna Letters
The Amarna Letters are among the most important archaeological finds concerning Egyptian and Near Eastern political interactions during he mid-fourteenth century B.C. This site provides an on-line source for these documents.

ETCSL catalogue of Sumerian literary compositions
A collection of scholarly editions of many Sumerian texts.

Linear A Texts On-line

Babylonian Texts of the First Millennium B.C.
Provides information about over 2600 transcribed texts.

Babylonia and Ancient Near Eastern Texts
This site contains a number of popular translations of ancient near eastern texts, but they are not necessearily the most scholarly or accurate editions. It has an alphabetic listing of gods that will direct you to particular texts and some links to the Encyclopedia Brittanica. The site is affiliated with a fundamentalist church group.

The Sumerian Mythology FAQ
Some general information about Sumerian Mythology by an interested student.

The Ancient World on Television
If you would like to receive a weekly e-mail newsletter listing all upcoming television programs about the ancient world, contact

Eisenbrauns Catalogue
Not only are they one of the largest publishers of scholarly works on all aspects of ancient Near Eastern studies, they also carry a huge selection of scholarly works from other publishers. You can get on their catalog mailing list by writing to them at POB 275, Winona Lake, IN 465-90-0275 or link to them online at

This catalogue of archaeological books for sale has over 5,000 books and prints on the archaeology of Egypt, the ancient Near Easte, Greece, Rome, and the Americas

New York Public Library
The NYPL book catalogue (CATNYP) is a useful resource for the casual browser looking for literature on the ancient Near East.


Biblical Archaeology Review
This link will take you to the Biblical Archaeology Society web site, where you can link to their three magazines, Biblical Archaeology Review, Bible Review, and Odyssey. The first two magazines are aimed at the general public interested in biblical archaeology and feature articles by leading biblical scholars. The articles generally lean to historical analysis with many colorful illustrations. Persons who believe in biblical inerrancy might be upset by some of the content. Odyssey also covers archaeology but it is not limited to the near east. You can access articles from the current issue at this site.

Society of Biblical Literature
One of the largest academic membership organizations devoted to an examination of biblical literature. The site provides access to a number of scholarly resources for the study of the ancient Near East.

Bibical Studies Resources
Dr. Jim West maintains a nice collection of links to sites containing resources for biblical studies. You might also want to check out the photo collection.

Tel Dan Inscription Web Site
The Tel Dan Inscriptions are among the most exciting recent finds in biblical studies. They contain what most biblical scholars believe to be the earliest know non-biblical reference to King David, although they date to over a century after King David's reign.The inscriptions also mention to Hebrew kings. This site is devoted to scholarly studies of the Tel Dan inscriptions.

The Bible and Interpretation
Check this out for all sorts of news about the bible and bible interpretation. It includes new book information, commentaries, and a variety of other information

Dove Booksellers
Dove sells scholarly books on biblical studies. In addition to English, visitors can have German, French, and Spanish displays.

Josephus Study Site
Josephus, the first century A.D./C.E. Jewish historian is an important resource for biblical studies, near eastern history, and political events of his era. This site is dedicated to the scholarly study of Josephus's writings.

Northwest Semitic Links
An academic site concerned with issues related to Northern Semitic civilizations.

David Hendin's Biblical Coin Page
David Hendin is a leading expert on biblical coins and the author of one of the chief reference works on this subject. www.davidhendin.com

Discovery.Com: The Lost Ark
From the Learning Channel folk comes this site about the Ark of the Covenant. It provides a discussion of its history and significance, and provides information about various quests for the Ark over the centuries.


KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Great color illustrations, interesting articles on many facets of ancient Egypt. The site makes available some of the current issue and provides access to back issues.

Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF)
EEF administers an electronic forum for the discussion of Ancient Egypt. This site provides information on joining the forum, an archive of past discussions, articles about ancient Egypt, book and CD reviews, links, and other items for those interested in ancient Egypt. From time to time, prominent Egyptologists join the discussions.

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
An ongoing effort to publish the complete database of Howard Carter's excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Many of Carter's discoveries have not yet been published and this is an effort to make the material avaiable as soon as possible. The site contains records and pictures of what was recovered.

The Art of Ancient Egypt
An on-line look at pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Collection

Travels with Mousey
Great for kids and adults. Not only does it provide an interactive exploration of ancient Egypt, it also provides a portal to the Archaeology on the Net Web Ring, with links to numerous sites concerned with ancient archaeology.

The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt
Has a large collection of book titles and book reviews relating to ancient Egypt.

Contains an expanding database of articles in Egyptological magazines.

The Ancient Egyptian Language List
This site is for people interested in th study of the Egyptian Language. It also contains a number of important texts from ancient Egypt in heiroglyph formate.

The Ancient Egypt Site
Contains info on ancient Egyptian history and language, a bibliography, and a tour of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Some great pictures.

Reeder’s Egypt Page
A colorful site devoted to Egypt’s art, archaeology, history, and religion.

NOVA Online: Pyramids, the Inside Story
NOVA, the PBS documentary show, maintains this site dedicated to the pyramids. It has lessons on heiroglyphs and a virtual tour of the Great Pyramid (Quicktime required.)

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