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Recommended Reading on the Myth and History of the Ancient Near East

Bibliographic Essay from 101 Myths of the Bible

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL READINGS: This essay recommends several books for persons looking for introductory materials on the myths and history of Near Eastern Civilizations, with an emphasis on Old Testament studies.

Bibliography from The Moses Mystery

This bibliography lists many books and articles that were referenced in The Moses Mystery and provides the
interested reader with sources for further studies in Ancient Near Eastern Myth and History.

Dead Sea Scrolls Book Catalogue

If you have more than a passing interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls, you should probably obtain a copy of the Dove Booksellers Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue. It is 24 pages filled with a large selection of books and computer products related to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Many of the books are from major scroll scholars and the titles cover a wide range of subject matter related to the study of these ancient documents. There is also a selection of some mass market books relating to the scrolls and the controversies surrounding them. If you have a computer, Macintosh or PC, you can get a CD-ROM containing a multimedia look at the scrolls, including reproductions of many of the important scrolls and video commentaries.

Whatever your interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls, you should find something here of interest. For a copy of the catalogue write to Dove Booksellers, 30633 Schoolcraft Rd, Suite C, Livonia, MI 48150 or call 313-522-7440.

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