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This riveting and intelligent study has relevance to a wide audience of biblical scholars.

 - Today's Librarian.

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101 Myths of the Bible
examines many of the most famous stories in the Old Testament and shows the various influences that led to the writing. Among the subjects explored are the earlier versions of many biblical stories that were told among Israel's neighbors, the strong Egyptian influences on many of the biblical accounts, and the internal political and religious feuds in ancient Israel that led to various propagandistic versions of earlier history. Among the many revelations in the book, we learn that:
  •  Moses didn't write the Ten Commandment
  •  David didn't kill Goliath
  • Samson did not pull down a Philistine temple
  • Joshua didn't bring down the walls of Jericho
  • Sodom and Gommorah never existed
  • Noah's ark did not land on Mount Ararat
  • The story of Esther originally had nothing to do with the Jews of Persia.

101 Myths of the Bible has been published in hardcover and paperback editions. It has also been published in Spanish, Korean, Greek, Serbian and Croatian. For several days in September 2002, 101 Myths of the Bible ranked among the 150 bestselling books at Amazon.  In February 2002 Barnes and Noble ranked it at #15 out of over 2300 books on General Criticism and Interpretation of the Bible. 

Note: The hardcover edition is now out of print, but the paperback edition is still currently available. Barnes and Noble had released their own hardcover edition but that, too, sold out. They might re-release another edition in the near future.

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