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King David Versus Israel: How a Hebrew Tyrant Hated by the Israelites Became a Biblical Hero

I heartily recommend this substantial volume . . . Greenberg's book is a worthy addition to the library of first-rate and challenging books on David.
- Prof. David Noel Freedman, Editor Anchor Bible Project, Anchor Bible Dictionary.

The work contains maps, timelines, glossaries, and comparison text, making it a comprehensive account of King David. - Library Journal

Gary Greenberg will make you think. He might even make you angry. - Green Bay Press-Gazette
Note: This book
was originally published under the title "The Sins of King David: A New History". This new edition has been revised and enhanced, with many more citations to specific biblical passages.

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Throughout the Old Testament there has been no more popular name, no more beloved figure, no greater icon than King David. Through the millennia he has been portrayed as a  boy who defeated a mighty giant, a pious and humble man, a goodly king whose heart was with the Lord, a monarch who composed lyrical poetry and divine music, a leader who inspired love and devotion from the people of Israel, and a model ruler against whom all other monarchs are to be measured.

King David Versus Israel creates a different and altogether fascinating and thrilling portrait of the man. Gary Greenberg shows King David for what he really wasdeceitful and corrupt, a traitor to Israel, a widely despised tyrant who lacked for justice, and a murderer. From the slaughter of seven sons of Saul, whom he hung, and the death of Goliath, who he did not slay, to the murder of one of his most loyal lieutenants, whose wife he seduced, he was not the man that history embraced.

Biblical scholars have long noted that the biblical accounts of King David contain a good deal of material that appears defensive in nature, an attempt to refute scandalous charges. They refer to these passages as "apologetics". They have also noted that a number of parts of the story appear to be out of chronological order.

In this detailed study of David's history, Greenberg digs deeply into the biblical accounts and recovers a long lost history that has been buried between the lines and below the surface. He examines the various pieces, reconstructs the proper chronological arrangements, examines the defensive claims, and recovers the true history of King David, one that has been covered up by theologians and ignored by many scholars.

Follow this fascinating and often shocking account of King David as Gary Greenberg leads you through the biblical texts, uncovering one revealing clue after another, and discover the astonishing truth about one of history's most influential icons.

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