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Manetho: A Study in Egyptian Chronology; How Ancient Scribes Garbled an Accurate Chronology of Dynastic Egypt
by Gary Greenberg

An intriguing approach to a long-debated problem.
- Dr. Aidan Dodson, Visiting Fellow in Dept. of Archaeology, University of Bristol.

An excellent and well-written analysis that makes a valuable contribution to the study of Egyptian chronology and king-lists. Greenberg shows that Manetho originally had a highly accurate record of Egyptian chronology but that it was severely altered in the course of transmission. Of particular interest is his reconstruction of Manetho’s original Twelfth Dynasty and Second Intermediate Period chronologies and his demonstration that Manetho’s chronology paralleled that of the Turin Canon far more often than previously recognized.
- Frank Joseph Yurco, Egyptologist, Chicago, IL.

Read Chapter 1: The Problem of Manetho's Chronololgy

As of August 31,2003 I received an advance copy of the printed book. So it should be available sometime in September. It will be available in both hard cover and paperback and is now listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but the titles and author listings are currently screwed up. The correct title is Manetho: A Study in Egyptian Chronology. Inside the book is a further subtitle, How Ancient Scribes Garbled an Accurate Chronology of Dynastic Egypt. Gary Greenberg is the sole author.

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