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My most recent book, Who Wrote the Gospels? Why New Testament Scholars Challenge Church Traditions, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hopefully connecting links will soon be available.



Mr. Greenberg seems to delight in a game of scholarly "gotcha."
 New York Times

Welcome to
Bible, Myth and History

a site devoted to Gary Greenberg's popular and controversial writings about biblical interpretation and related subjects. In addition to information about his books, including book excerpts, you will also find some of his published articles, papers delivered at conferences, some new articles just for this site, and reading recommendations for people who want to learn more about biblical and near eastern history.

 What's New . . .
   My Next Book, due early 2011
Who Wrote the Gospels? Why New Testament Scholars Challenge Church Traditions.

   The Bible and Interpretation web site has posted an essay by me entitled "Did Pre-Gospel Christians Believe Judas Betrayed Jesus?"

   Catholic Biblical Quarterly reviewed The Judas Brief.

   I have been accepted as a fellow in The Jesus Project, a scholarly organization concerned with the historical issues related to the existence of an historical Jesus.

  U.S. News and World Report has a special issue out devoted to Mysteries of the Bible. The article on the location of the Garden of Eden briefly refers to my suggestion that Eden was originally associated with the Egyptian city of Heliopolis (biblical On.)

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The Judas Brief
vigorous defense of the Palestinian Jews of Jesus' time . . . This well-documented work . . .  presents some interesting history and is clearly written.ó  LJXpress

The book is very accessible in terms of the manner in which it reads and is well-argued, reflecting a revisionary examination of the ancient literature. It deals head-on with many of the problems that have troubled scholars for years, including the difficult and inconsistent stories of Judas Iscariot, the involvement of Jewish authorities in Jesus' death, and the increasing tendency of the gospel authors to find ways to exonerate Pilate.
__ April deConick, Rice University

101 Myths of the Bible
The topic may be controversial but the content is fascinating and thought provoking. . . . This riveting and intelligent study has relevance to a wide audience of biblical scholarsTodayís Librarian
Itís a riveting read thatís definitely not for the biblically faint of heart. Florence, SC News
This book will probably either strengthen your faith or cast it into doubt. Just remember, thereís a reason its called faith. At any rate, it will make for lively dinner table discussions. Spokesman-Review

The Moses Mystery
/The Bible Myth
A must read for those interested in biblical scholarship. The Tennessee Tribune
An ingenious comparison of Biblical and Egyptian history.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Guaranteed to raise hackles and lively debate . . . Sure to provoke challenge. -Denver Post
  Insightful and valuable. KMT Magazine
This is an intriguing and controversial book, bound to add fuel to the still smoldering debate between Afrocentrists and classicists over Africa's role in the evolution of Western culture and civilization. MultiCultural Review

The Sins of King David
I heartily recommend this substantial volume . . . Greenberg's book is a worthy addition to the library of first-rate and challenging books on David. Prof. David Noel Freedman, Editor of the Anchor Bible Project and the Anchor Bible Dictionary.
Greenberg is able to separate much historical fact from biblical fiction Library Journal
Gary Greenberg will make you think. He might even make you angry. Green Bay Press-Gazette

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