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King David Versus Israel: How a Hebrew Tyrant Hated by the Israelites Became a Biblical Hero



 1.  Good David and Bad David
 2.  Make us a King
 3,  Who Killed Goliath?
 4.  A Failed Coup
 5.  The Outlaw King
 6.  The Suspicious Death of King Saul
 7.  Civil War
 8.  Kill the Lame and the Blind: The Taking of Jerusalem
 9.  Consolidation
10. The Murder of Uriah
11. Absalom's Rebellion: No Justice, No Peace!
12. Sheba’s Rebellion: No Part in David
13. The Devil Made Him Do it
14. Bringing the Ark to Jerusalem
15. A Successful Coup
16. Collapse
17. The Biblical David Versus the Historical David

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