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Welcome to The American Wasteland Web Site. This guide should familiarize you with the Editor's underlying philosophy, the purpose of the site, and the nature of our various features and links. If you click on any of the links on this page, you can return to the Visitor's Guide by using your Browser's "Back" button. The Visitor's Guide can also be accessed from the Home page. You can quick scan the guide by looking at the red text. As on most web sites, clicking on underlined text or a graphics image often takes you to a related piece of information.

The American Wasteland hopes to be a humor publication, presenting political satire and parody from a Libertarian perspective. See About this site for more details about our underlying philosophy and purposes and read the warning in Read this first.

Home provides an overview of the site's contents. It contains a Table of Contents with brief summaries of what appear in our three main features, Vulture Watch, Rave On, and Max Splatter: Critic-at-Large. The Headlines and images in the Table of Contents are linked to the corresponding stories on the appropriate features page.

Vulture Watch is our most important feature. It provides fictional news accounts about fictional people, who might somehow be mistakenly confused with real people. Don't make that error. Do not equate the silly, corrupt, thuggish politicians who inhabit our pages with similarly-named silly, corrupt, thuggish politicians who want to run our lives. If you're looking for libelous statements that portray the latter in a negative manner, you can read their campaign platforms. On the Home page, some news stories are indicated by a Vulture icon. Clicking on the icon will take you to the indicated story.

Rave On is our editorial page and one of our main features. Here the Editor presents fact-based editorials about the issues of the day that tick him off. He hopes the information provided will give you some new insights that you hadn't previously considered. On the Home page, some editorials are indicated by a Raven icon. Clicking on the icon will take you to the indicated editorial.

Max Splatter: Critic-at Large spoofs pop culture, frequently weaving in some political digs. It is one of our main features. On the Home page an image of Max appears alongside some of his reviews. Clicking on his icon will take you to the indicated review.

About the Editor provides biographical information about Gary Greenberg, editor of The American Wasteland.

About this site describes some of the features on this site and sets forth some of the editor's underlying philosophy.

Archives will make available articles from back issues of this magazine.

Books contains several recommendations that the editor believes are worth reading. It also contains a list of some of the editor's own works. The page will eventually have a link to an on-line bookseller.

Credits lists some of the sources that the editor has relied upon in putting this site together.

Feedback enables you to send an e-mail to the editor. Communications are encouraged. The editor also plans to publish some of the more interesting correspondence, pro and con, on the Feedback page.

Links gives you access to several Web sites that the Editor recommends.

Read this first reminds you that this is a humor site and that the news stories we print are completely fictitious. It also sets forth some disclaimers in an attempt to minimize law suits from dangerous people with no sense of humor.

Reprint policy sets forth the rules for reprinting stories from this Web site.

Visitor's Guide is what you are currently reading.

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